Day at the renaissance festival

Here are some pics from our day at the local renaissance festival. It was fun aside from the heat, although the 80's aren't really hot by Texas standards. Still, you could almost drink the humidity from the air, and unfortunately, it wasn't very refreshing. I kept myself happy by sampling the multitude of food items with one hand while guzzling water with the other. We also saw a few of the shows, including the infamous Mud Show, and were not disappointed. Anyways, here are the pics:

and the walking begins...

Miss Melissa

best hat EVER

this pic would be funny without depth perception

the requisite jousting

beginning of the Mud Show

still the beginning of the Mud show

yes, it's real mud

wondering what he could have done with a college education?

striking a pose


yes, he is in fact eating mud

coolest costume at the festival

I need a shower

getting strapped in...

...and released

flowers make girls smile