Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2008

So these small local cons aren't usually that crowded, so you can imagine my surprise when I drove up an hour early and saw a line wrapped around the building:

It wasn't any less crowded inside either:

This just goes to show that bringing in one big-name guest can double the attendance of an otherwise small event. So who has the pull to bring in this many people? None other than Mr. Fancypants himself, Bruce Campbell. He was doing limited signings, and EVERYONE wanted to get in on it. Thanks to the hardest working CGC witness anywhere (you know who you are), I was able to get my copy of Evil Dead #2 signed and sent off to CGC for grading. I also filled a couple holes in my Conan run, including #23. The rest of my day was spent following Bruce Campbell around. His Q&A was hilarious. He is probably one of the most naturally funny people anywhere. Later on, he introduced a screening of Evil Dead 2 and answered a few more questions (just the ones he felt like answering of course). Here's a few more pics...

Bruce signing on stage:

a few from the Q&A and movie screening: