Wizard World Texas 2008

This show was WAY better than last year's show. Not only did it seem like there were more dealers, but they brought better stuff as well. After picking up my exhibitor badge, I ran into Stronguy from the CGC forums, and we both went over to Arthur Suydam's table to remind him about the sketch I've been waiting for since this show last year. I guess bringing a little muscle along did the trick:

I like it, but I think it cost a bit much compared to what other artists will give you for the same price (DeZuniga?). Actually, I kind of like this $10 Andy Kuhn better:

Anyways, I spent most of Friday just looking around for things to buy on Sunday and talking to people, although I did fill some more holes in my Conan run (only 9 issues to go). Saturday was pretty much the same only more crowded and more people in costume (some of whom really shouldn't have been). I didn't stop to take any pictures of them, but here are some I lifted from the CGC forums:

Early on Saturday, I purchased this 5.5-6.0 copy of Haunt of Fear 16 from Ciorac at Worldwide Comics:

The cover gloss is actually better than some moderns I own. I'm starting to think I should collect all of the old ECs with Ray Bradbury adaptations...

Saturday night was the CGC forum dinner and we had a good turn out. Even cooler...Frank Cho joined us. Besides eating, dinner pretty much consisted of geeking out over each other's books and art. Stronguy showed off his awesome Marvel Value Stamp project again, which is nearing completion, but I think john72tex had everyone beat with this awesome Joker page he bought at the show:

In order from left to right: restoration expert Matt Nelson, Bhooks, and Bhooks' wife:

Ciorac and Pitboss:

Frank Cho checking out Stronguy's MVS sketches, with Craig, me, and Stronguy watching:

Wrightson Fan, Weird Paper, and MYNAMEISLEGION:

Here are the usual dealer pics along with a shot of the new Cowboys stadium under construction: