Vacation in Las Vegas

Despite Delta Airlines' best efforts, my girlfriend and I just got back from a fabulous five days and four nights in Vegas. We flew in Friday night and boarded a shuttle full of guys who sounded like Niko from GTA IV. After being dropped off at the Rio, we checked in and bought Penn & Teller tickets on the way up to our huge and luxurious room:

The next day we walked into the strip, had an amazing "breakfast" at Caeser's Palace, and started exploring. We decided to walk to the pawn shop from Pawn Stars, and I got my ass kicked by a monstrous margarita along the way:

The walk was a lot longer than my iPhone told me it would be, but we still made it. The place is a lot smaller than it looks on TV, but there's still some cool stuff in there:

That night, we ate ourselves stupid at our hotel's massive buffet, hung around the casino some, and then went upstairs where I ended up falling asleep watching a Die Hard marathon.

Monday started off with the equally ridiculous breakfast buffet. Noticing the sun had finally come out, we took a shuttle into the strip and spent the rest of the day walking around. First up, we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower:

Later on, we were walking buy an exotic car rental place right in time to see some idiot bottom-out the Viper he'd just rented by driving it off the curb:

That night, after dinner at a seafood buffet that was even more insane than the previous night's buffet, we went to see Penn & Teller back at the Rio.

We're both big fans of Bullshit, so we'd been looking forward to it. We weren't disappointed. We got to meet them both after the show too:

Tuesday began with another stop at the breakfast buffet, and then it was on to the Dan Aykroyd signing, which I've decided is worthy of its own post. That night, we took Chandler's advice and had dinner at the Hofbräuhaus:

The trip home on Wednesday wasn't so fun. First our airport shuttle was really late (student driver). Then the check-in and security lines were really long. We finally made it to our gate just in time to find out that the plane had a broken windshield and our flight was effectively canceled. After spending a couple hours on the phone with numerous Delta employees, I finally got them to put us on a US Airways direct flight. Of course, this flight was on the other side of the airport which meant checking in and going through security again. We still made it back to Pittsburgh just in time to catch the last bus home, but our bag didn't make it until the next day. Still, the trip was even more fun than either of us's the rest of the pics in no particular order:


That trip was awesome! less

That trip was awesome!

less than three you, *mwuah*