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Signed books from Philadelphia

I had a couple books signed recently at Wizard World in Philadelphia. The first one was a gift for my girlfriend who's a big Patrick Stewart and Next Generation fan. The second I just had signed on a whim after seeing it in a 50 cent box near John de Lancie's table. I'll probably add Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis to it.

Dan Aykroyd SS book is back

I got the book I had signed by Dan Aykroyd back from CGC:

Dan Aykroyd comic signing

So I was browsing the CGC message boards at work the Friday before my girlfriend and I were due to fly out to Las Vegas, and I saw a post by Kris (thecollector) announcing a rare Dan Aykroyd Signature Series opportunity. He had seven spots available and all had already been spoken for by the time I came along. I was about to throw a fit when I noticed that the signing was taking place in Las Vegas on our last day there. After a few frantic messages, I got in touch with CGC witness Chandler who was going to be doing the actual witnessing at the signing, and he said it would be no problem for me to bring my own book and get it signed in-person. I immediately knew what book I wanted signed. The only problem was that my copy was beat to hell and had water damage. I ran over to Eide's on my lunch break, but they didn't have a copy. Calls to other local shops came up empty as well. I was about to give up when I remembered a friend in Texas who had a complete Marvel bronze age collection. A few short hours later, he was packing his high-grade copy and preparing to overnight it to my hotel! So, a few days later, we woke up at our hotel, had breakfast, and prepared to catch a cab to the signing. The only problem? The book hadn't arrived yet! After several frantic calls to various USPS numbers, I got them to change the carrier's route and go to our hotel first. The book was finally in my hands a mere two hours before we needed to be in line at the signing...a little too close for comfort.

Steel City Con

This weekend, my girlfriend and I went to our first show/con since moving to Pennsylvania. It's a smaller show with more toys than comics, but I still managed to find a few cool books. Attendance was pretty poor, but at least that meant no shoving through crowds or kicking kids out of the way. There was really only one dealer with decent stuff, including a handful of EC pre-code horror. I bought a Shock SuspenStories #9 from him before leaving for the day. On Sunday, we went to check out a couple of local comic shops I'd been told about. First up, we went to New Dimension Comics, but they weren't interested in selling me anything. Next, we went over to Eide's in downtown Pittsburgh. They had a MUCH better in-store selection, and even let me buy something that wasn't for sale. I think I know which store I'll be going back to.

Wizard World Texas 2008

This show was WAY better than last year's show. Not only did it seem like there were more dealers, but they brought better stuff as well. After picking up my exhibitor badge, I ran into Stronguy from the CGC forums, and we both went over to Arthur Suydam's table to remind him about the sketch I've been waiting for since this show last year. I guess bringing a little muscle along did the trick:

Comic-Con submissions back

My Signature Series submissions from Comic-Con are back:

I'd like to add Ray Bradbury to this one as well, so any help with that would be much appreciated!

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo 2008

So these small local cons aren't usually that crowded, so you can imagine my surprise when I drove up an hour early and saw a line wrapped around the building:

Comic-Con 2008 pics: Sunday

Didn't take any...that was easy :)

Comic-Con 2008 pics: Saturday

Here are some pics from the panels I went to today. The first few are from the Futurama/Simpsons panels, and the last one is from the Mythbusters panel.

Comic-Con 2008 pics: Friday

I actually didn't take any pics at the con today because I spent all my time either getting stuff for other people or waiting in lines. I also went to the late night showings of the "Worst Cartoons Ever!" and "Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animations", both of which were great fun. I do, however, have pics of two sketches I got today. One is yet another amazing (and LARGE) sketch from Tony DeZuniga, similar to the two I had him do in Dallas. This time I asked for Red Sonja, and my jaw dropped at the results. The other sketch is by none other than the Al Feldstein.