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Comic-Con 2008 pics: Thursday

Here are the few pics I took today. The first few are from Will Wright's Spore presentation which was pretty impressive. The only pics I took on the floor today were of some of the original art booths since my battery died yesterday before I could snap pics of them. The last several pics are from the CGC dinner at Rei Do Gado. It was a lot of fun meeting and chatting with everyone. I'm looking forward to tomorrow even more now that I know some people here. After dinner, I walked back to my hotel with the famous Greggy from the CGC forums...great guy. As for purchases, all I really bought today were a Conan #2 and a reader copy of Fantastic Four #50 since my only copy is slabbed. I also commissioned an Al Feldstein horror sketch that I can't wait to pick up tomorrow. Well, time for bed.

Comic-Con 2008 pics: Wednesday

Ok, not going to write much...just posting some pics from today. Basically, I got to my hotel around 3, and was in the exhibitor's hall by 3:30. A big thanks to Rich Henn for hooking me up with an exhibitor's badge and letting me skip the longest lines I have ever seen in my life. All I bought today were some holes in my Conan run, some Wolverine variants I didn't have, and a really cool Adam West "self promotional" book. It's something he put together himself back in 1966 to market himself. It even has contact information for his agent in the back. Anyways, my pizza is getting's the pics:

Comic-Con tomorrow!

I'll be going to Comic-Con 2008 tomorrow. It's my first Comic-Con and I'm pretty excited. I'll be there from Wednesday all the way through Monday, and I've gotten my hands on an exhibitor's pass so I'll be getting in early too! I'm bringing some books to get signed and I'm also looking forward to meeting all the people from the CGC message boards. I'm going to try to post some pics from each day while I'm there (if I have time).

Look what my girlfriend got me!

That's right. Signed by Barry Windsor-Smith...not an easy signature to get.

Some recent additions to my collection

First off is the book I had signed by Tony DeZuniga at the last Dallas Comic Con.

Dallas Comic Con: April 2008

My girlfriend and I spent the weekend at the latest Dallas Comic Con, and it was pretty fun. Getting in the door on Saturday morning was an exercise in disorganization. First they said come in. Then they said to back the line up. It took over 10 minutes to let in a single-file line of 50 people that had already paid. When we were finally herded through the door, I was happy to see that one booth had Guitar Hero 3 set up. I probably spent half of my time at the con showing off the only thing I'm really good at (I swear this one little boy almost said "holy fuck" when I was tapping/elbow-strumming the Through the Fire and Flames intro on expert). The guys running the booth were also happy when I put in the code to unlock all the songs for them.

I didn't spend much at this show, but I'm thrilled with what I came away with. The only things I bought on Saturday were some holes in my Conan run, a Wolverine Origins variant I didn't have, and a Daredevil 197 (first Yuriko Oyama). Around 12:30, we went to Christina Hendricks' QA. Here are some pics from that:

I've been busy

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. I started a new job a few months ago, and, while I absolutely love it, it has definitely kept me busy. Back in October, I left my previous position as a programmer of casino games to join one of the premier mobile (phone) gaming studios. After countless 100+ hour weeks, my first credited game is coming along nicely. I did find time to attend Wizard World Texas and, more recently, the Dallas Comic Con. The highlight of the Dallas show was easily Tony DeZuniga. I got two incredible sketches from him; Conan and Wolverine. I liked them so much that I had some copies made for framing:

Wizard World Texas 2007

So I spent the last three days at WW Texas, and my feet are killing me. Anyways, here's a brief rundown of my experience, along with a few pics.

Several months ago, I signed up to volunteer at this con since I was poor at the time and didn't want to pay to get in. Even though I could have just bought tickets when I got there Friday, I figured I would honor my commitment to volunteer. So I showed up around 10:00am Friday morning, and went to get my volunteer badge and shirt. After donning the "uniform", they put me to work. My first task was to unbox several of the exclusive comics and hardcovers and stack them up at the VIP check-in area. Yes, I did grab some for myself...wanna fight about it? Next, they had me stand next to the VIP check-in for two hours and occasionally throw away empty boxes when they popped up. So I got to chat with the VIP ticket holders that were lining up behind me, but other than that, it was dull. I also met Don (Buffyfan) from the CGC forums during this time. He looked just as thrilled to be volunteering as I was. I really wanted to get into the exhibit hall, but volunteers couldn't go in there early unless their assigned task required it. I finally managed to sneak in with a large group of high-school volunteers and started looking for FF #48s. I found a 7.0 copy with minor resto (teeny speck of sharpie on the spine) that I could afford at MrBedrock's booth. So basically, I had achieved my main goal for the weekend before the show even opened :) I left the book with MrBedrock until my volunteer shift was over and went back to the VIP line. After another hour of boredom, I finally got a reprieve when I was assigned to Arthur Suydam's booth. I helped him out there until it was time for his Lone Star signing, which marked the end of my volunteer shift. I immediately obtained an exhibitor's pass and took off my volunteer shirt forever :) I decided to use my newfound freedom to look for a decent FF #50 to complete my 48-50 set. I found several at the Graham Crackers booth, but they were a little more than I wanted to pay. They did express interest in one of my signed 9.6 Wolverine #145 Nabisco variants however, so I decided I would bring it in the next day for a possible sale/trade. Before leaving their booth, I asked to see a beater $950 AF #15 they had on the wall, and proceeded to read it cover to cover. I can now say I've read an AF #15. Three $3 hot dogs and a Mt. Dew later, I decided to take a walk through the artist area. After that, I found myself drawn to a rather busy dealer in the back corner of the room. These guys from Louisiana had stacks of nice IM #1-3s, Cap. Marvel #1s, silver age X-Mens, FFs, and gobs of other stuff that was all selling fast. I met djpinkpanther67 and watched him score a ridiculous deal on an IM #1 and some SA FFs. I don't think anything else interesting happened on Friday.

My Hulk 181 is back from CGC!

You may remember that I had my Hulk 181 signed by Herb Trimpe in front of a CGC witness at the recent Dallas Comic Con. Well it came back from CGC last weekend and the results were way better than I ever imagined. I bought this book for $585 shipped as a raw 8.0-8.5 and everyone that saw it agreed that the grade would likely be in that range. After looking at the pics below, I'm sure you'll agree that I got way more than my money's worth...

Dallas Comic Con 9

I've enjoyed the last few of these shows, but this was my favorite one yet. I had my Hulk #181 signed by Herb Trimpe in front of a CGC witness (thanks Kris!) I'm pretty sure it'll come back at least an 8.0, but I think it has a great shot at an 8.5. I guess I get to wait and see.

After the signing, I went back to look at a Fantastic Four #48 that I had spotted from a distance earlier, but it had already sold. I was a bit disappointed since the exact same thing had happened to me at the last Dallas show. Me and my girlfriend decided to walk around the dealer room a little bit while waiting for Herb Trimpe's Q&A to start. I picked up lower mid-grade copies of Fantastic Four #74 and #75, and then we headed to the Q&A. Out in the main hallway, I stopped by Billy West's (he sure looks like Quentin Tarantino) table to ask about recording a voice mail message for me. Apparently, he isn't allowed to do that because all of the voices he does are copyrighted...oh well. So we showed up at Trimpe's panel discussion. It was fascinating listening to him talk about how he got into the industry and what it was like working directly with Stan Lee. Here's a couple pics: