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Real kryptonite discovered in Serbia

Apparently some miners in Serbia discovered some strange mineral deposits that they were unable to match with anything currently known to science. After enlisting professional help, the chemical formula for the new mineral was found to exactly match the (previously)fictional formula for kryptonite. The new mineral is white instead of a glowing green, but white kryptonite is still deadly to plant life (according to Action Comics #362-366 anyways). Here's hoping they discover adamantium next :)

Here's the full story


Who the hell has the time to do this kind of stuff?

"Haloid" movie get what you pay for

Everyone is apparently up in arms because Myspace is “censoring” what sites users can link to from their Myspace pages. For example, any reference to the video sharing site will be removed. Several other small to medium sized content sharing companies also appear to be affected (Project Playlist, VideoCodeZone, Stickam, etc.). You may be asking yourself, “Why don’t people just host their videos using Myspace’s own video functionality?” Apparently, people seem to think that posting their content in this manner makes it the property of Myspace (and subsequently FOX). Well, if they could just stop bitching for five minutes and read Myspace’s user agreement (probably for the first time), they would see this: